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Archive for October 16th, 2015

  • Baptist Health Centers – New Delivery

    Baptist Health Centers

    Another beautiful build by Matthews Specialty Vehicles. A new Winnebago style Mobile Medical vehicle is being delivered to Baptist Health Centers in Alabama. This mobile clinic will take the staff into the community to serve the medical needs of patients where they live, work and play.This custom floor plan has two private examination rooms, a [...]

  • AABB 2015 – Exhibitor, See You in Anaheim

    Exhibitor Logo

    Follow us to AABB Annual Meeting 2015 in Anaheim, CA! Matthews Specialty Vehicles will display our Bloodmobile Coach, custom-built for BloodSource. Limited space is available for private tours. Please contact Matthews at information@MSVehicles.com to schedule a tour or call Dennis Hoag at 1-877-905-4678 x 207 Plan to stay the whole weekend, October 24-27, 2015 at [...]

  • Middletown Community Health Centers, Inc.

    Middletown Community Health Center

    Imagine providing preventative and restorative care to your patients where they live, work and play. The Matthews Specialty Vehicles Mobile Dental vehicles, is just the tool to make this vision a reality. Recently, Matthews finished a new 2 operatory dental vehicle for Middletown Community Health Centers, Inc. In addition to 2 spacious operatory rooms, this [...]

  • Church of the Resurrection Bookmobile

    Church of the Resurrection Bookmobile

    Our most recent Bookmobile build, didn't go to a library, instead this Matthews Specialty Vehicle was custom for the Church of the Resurrection! A bookmobile is a vehicle specifically designed for use as a mobile library. But that doesn't mean that only libraries can own bookmobiles. Bookmobiles have been found serving churches, activists, bookstores, schools, comic [...]