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American Red Cross PNW Region

American Red Cross Oregon Bloodmobile

It is with great pleasure that Matthews Specialty Vehicles is putting the finishing touches on a mobile blood center to be delivered to the Pacific Northwest Region of the American Red Cross. This bloodmobile, dubbed ARC Roseburg will be the delivered to Oregon later this month.

With 5 ASI donor beds and 3 history rooms, this coach can handle large collection sites.

For more than 10 years, MSV and ARC have had a relationship building the next generation of bloodmobiles. We started building blood donor centers for American Red Cross on a conversion TBB bus. These workhorses, came in lengths of up to 40 feet and were 96 inches wide. But as the needs of our customer evolved so did we. Eventually we began producing the Self Contained Units or SCUs on the MSV Coach. This custom coach features the heavy-duty and reliable TBB chassis, with the MSV heavy-duty 102 inch body. There are big advantages to choosing the custom coach for their blood program; wider aisles, higher ceilings, duct air conditioning, recessed lighting, roof top air conditioning, flat wheel wells and more.

Would you like to see the difference between a bus and a coach? Ask Matthews to send you sample pictures of previous builds.


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