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Celebrations and Milestones

Celebrations and Milestones

Please join us in celebration of the following June 2016 anniversaries and milestones.

Kathy Drapeau – CFO / Matthews Group 20 Years
Deanne Chamberlain – Sales Administrative Assistant / Matthews Specialty Vehicles 16 Years
Bernie Shea – Training and Delivery Specialist / Matthews Specialty Vehicles 9 Years
Eddie Gafford – Graphic Sales / Matthews Mobile Media 8 Years
Juan Morales-Ilbarra – Product Engineer / Matthews Specialty Vehicles 6 Years
Michelle Shupe – Sales and Marketing Coordinator / Matthews Specialty Vehicles 2 Years
Philip Wallace – Electrician / Matthews Specialty Vehicles 1 Year
Morgan Lewis – Human Resources Assistant / Matthews Group 1 Year
Jeffrey Linn – Engineer / Matthews Specialty Vehicles 1 Year

We extend our best wishes to each of you on your anniversary. We’ve always taken great pleasure to see your enthusiasm for the work that you do. We hope you will remain with us for many years to come!


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