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Charlottesville Police Department MCC

Matthews Specialty Vehicles will deliver a new mobile command center (MCC) to Charlottesville Police Department in Virginia. This new addition to their operational fleet was custom build on a cutaway Ford chassis with a customized 102″ wide body. The interior conversion features 5 workstations, red or white task lighting, technology integration for seamless remote operation, and convenience features including an electric exterior awning and refrigerator. ┬áPass-thru doors built into the rear of the vehicle allow access to tools and equipment from the interior and/ or exterior of the vehicle. A built-in exterior TV allows gives Charlottesville Police Department the option of casting images to teams working outside the vehicle.

Look to MSV for all of your specialty law enforcement and public safety vehicle needs. For over 20 years Matthews has provided custom conversion services for cities and states across the USA and also around the world. Municipalities look to Matthews for their SWAT vehicles, Bomb Response Vehicles and DWI Enforcement as well as Mobile Command Vehicles. When you choose Matthews, you choose a dedicated team of specialty vehicle experts. Our turn over is low! Which means our long-term experience level is high! Our Sales Director, Dennis Hoag, has been on Team Matthews for nearly 25 years! Senior Project Coordinator David Austin, has been with MSV for 10 years. On our production team, you will find team members that have been with us for over 10 years! Just recently, we welcomed a fleet of DWI vehicles for Retrofit and Refurbishment services. These vehicles served as our state BATmobiles for nearly 12 years. Many of our production team had the honor of retrofitting vehicles, that they built brand new!




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