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ClinicalRM’s Mission to Fight Ebola with MSV

ClinicalRM, in collaboration with its international partners, responded rapidly to the 2014-2015 Ebola crisis in West Africa. With experts at the very forefront of efforts to combat this infectious disease epidemic, they have set up operationally and logistically in the Ebola hot zone with personnel and full CRO services with their affiliate ClinicalRM-Africa, including shipping Matthews Specialty Vehicles Bloodmobiles to the Ebola hot zone, building infrastructure needed for personnel and facilities, and providing on-site training. ClinicalRM continues to conduct clinical trials in West Africa and is dedicated to assessing the needs for future outbreaks, as well as responding to the needs of Ebola survivors.

MSV not only builds blood mobiles for blood centers. Our blood donation vehicles can also be found service clinical research firms, outreach programs, hospitals and universities around the globe. As a specialty vehicle manufacturer, we are able to purpose-build each unit to the expectations of our customers. Whether we are building to suit a blood donor center to collect 10 units or 100 units a day, or building a biomedical service vehicle for mobile outreach or research, the process remains the same. We ask questions, and based on the answers, scale a mobile unit to meet the needs of our client. From determining the best fit for a vehicle, to choosing the layout and interior design of the vehicle, Matthews ensure that each element the vehicle is custom to our customer. Our users can then focus on the task at hand. Whether that’s collecting blood to save lives, collecting blood products for research or anything in between. Trust Matthews to help you get the job done, and the job done right!


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