Sullivan Memorial Blood Center Bloodmobile

Fort Benning GA Bloodmobile Interior

The Armed Services Blood Program (ASBP) at Fort Benning, GA will receive a new Matthews Specialty Vehicles Bloodmobile. ASBP provides high-quality blood products to service members, veterans and their families. During peace and war times our soldiers and their families rely on ASBP for blood products. There are many components that work together to collect, process, store and distribute and transfuse blood worldwide. This is a joint operation between multiple military branches including the Navy, Army and Air Force, the Matthews Bloodmobile is just one element of a fantastic program that provides the essential components to preserve a safe and secure blood supply.

This new unit will be housed at Sullivan Memorial Blood Center. There are 3 private health history rooms for mini-health screening and interviewing potential donors. The rooms slideouts house 6 (six) manual donor beds with workstations between each bed. Blood donors are entertained while they donate with flip down DVD monitors over each bed.

If you are interested in adding a bloodmobile to your fleet, check out our mobile blood donation vehicle featured on our GSA Schedule. A 6 bed, 3 History and 4 Slideout out Bloodmobile similar to this vehicle is available as part of the GSA program.


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