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IEEE – USA New Vehicle Delivery


Matthews Specialty Vehicles recently had the pleasure of working with IEEE-USA as they partner with the American Red Cross, Eastern North Carolina Region and the MOVE Community Outreach program to provide short-term communications and power solutions after natural disasters and infrastructure failures. The services these organizations will collectively provide include: cell phone charging, communications of real-time information and public access internet.

These collective initiatives hope to restore communications between loved ones when power is lost and gives those in need the ability to find out about available relief services.

The newly delivered mobile outreach vehicle, dubbed MOVE (mobile outreach VEhicle), is slated to travel to disaster areas. Volunteer IEEE engineers and technology specialists will offer their services and know-how. These teams are expected to provide rechargeable power banks, real-time information about survivors, and Wi-Fi access until regular services are restored.

The MOVE unit built by Matthews Specialty Vehicles will derive some of its power from solar cells and batteries. Hurricane and tornado prone areas of the United States are expected to the be the initial focus of this vehicle and it’s volunteer staff. When this vehicle is not being deployed to a natural disaster, it will travel to places such as schools, libraries, community events and sporting events to promote STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) education and to raise awareness about the social impacts of technology.

Learn more about move.ieeeusa.org 


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