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Massachusetts State Police BATmobile

Framingham, MA – The fight against drinking and driving requires a multi-faceted approach, therefore many agencies across the US have opted for a turn-key DWI processing vehicle better known as a BAT (Breath Alcohol Testing) Mobile.

North Carolina’s Forensic Test for Alcohol Division currently operates six (6) BAT Mobiles providing support to agencies across the State. Their units feature three intoxilyzer stations as well as a Magistrates area in the front of the bus.

The Massachusetts State Police chose a 40′ Front Engine Thomas Bus chassis, featuring a custom aluminum 102″ wide body. It operates off of a 24kw generator that provides power to the entire unit while on scene. Technology such as an exterior mast mounted surveillance camera and telescopic lights allow for constant monitoring of checkpoint activities. Arrestees can be brought into the vehicle where breath alcohol testing and/or drug recognition exams can be conducted. Once placed under arrest, there is a booking desk with mug shot board and two holding cells installed for prisoner holding until transport can be arranged. Additional security measures were taken by installing secured weapon lockers and internal dome cameras with microphones to monitor and record all processing activities.

“This is a powerful new tool to enable the state police and local police partners to enhance their ability to apprehend impaired drivers.” State Police Col. Thomas Robbins said in a statement. “With an average of 270 people arrested each week across the Commonwealth for drunk driving, it is clear we need more resources to improve the safety of our roadways.”

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