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MHCA Corporate Leadership

At Matthews Specialty Vehicles (MSV) we believe in the importance of not only building the best specialty vehicles in the industry, but also being a part of the advocacy for mobile health clinics. MSV is a proud corporate partner of the Mobile Health Clinics Association, an organization whose sole mission is “to promote and serve the Mobile Healthcare sector through advocacy, education and research in order to increase access to care for all.” As a member of this organization Matthews play an integral part in helping healthcare providers adopt mobile clinics to expand their community outreach in rural and urban settings. Our specialty healthcare clinics are the tool to bridge the gap between need and providers of services.

Each year Matthews attends the MHCA Forum with a display vehicle. This event, is one of the nation’s largest meetings of Mobile Healthcare providers and advocates. Over several days this group meets to further the building of a solid foundation to support advocacy on behalf of Mobile Healthcare providers, develop and further meaningful educational tools, and facilitates communication between network affiliates and providers.  This forum is often billed as a “unique opportunity to gather with other Mobile Healthcare professionals to learn from top professionals, exchange best practices, and build leadership.”

Meet Matthews Specialty Vehicles and Tour our Mobile Medical Coach at this year’s annual forum!


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