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Newport News Police Department Command Center


“We build amazing vehicles that do amazing things for the community.  These units save lives, help, educate and care for people, all of which is something most other products cannot attest to.”
- Greg Leimone

Russell Sutton, a member of the Newport News Police Department was interviewed recently by WTKR-TV3 News about his role as Hostage Negotiator. The Police Command Post, built by Matthews Specialty Vehicles, is a vital component to saving lives.

Here is a recent letter we received from the Newport News Chief of Police:

“The Newport News Police Department is very proud of its new Mobile Command Post from Matthews Specialty Vehicles. Not only is it an extremely impressive vehicle from a visual point perspective, but it is also a versatile platform capable of supporting many different missions.

In the relatively short time we have had our command post, it has supported a number of operations from large scale community events to critical tactical incidents to multi-jurisdictional events lasting several days.  Some of the missions have involving providing regional support for Federal and local agencies alike.  In all these operations, this vehicle exceeded all our expectations.

Matthews Specialty Vehicles has been a joy to work with.  They were with us at every stage of the process from concept to design to construction.  Their support did not stop after delivery of the vehicle.  They have always been right there to support us no matter what the issue or concern was.  Their support after the sale has been truly exceptional.  It was a pleasure to work with Matthews Specialty Vehicles on this project and we consider them a valuable partner to our agency.”

- James D. Fox, Chief of Police, Newport News Police Department


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