Ottawa Public Library

Ottawa PL_Bookmobile_Interior_MSV

Brand new on the streets of Ottawa, a new mobile library. MSV has delivered a new bookmobile to the Ottawa Public Library. This Rear Engine Bus Model features great amenities for outreach programs including an on-board lavatory, canteen / staff lunch area, ample book shelving, integrated multimedia displays and ADA accessibility.

Did you know that Matthews services library outreach programs across the United States of American and even around the globe! Our mobile libraries can be found in the Caribbean and even across the border in Canada. Bring literacy, the love of books and ready to your community, with a Matthews bookmobile. We offer book bus platforms to meet the needs of your library. From compact, efficient book haulers built on a MB Sprinter to a full size rear engine coach, and everything in between. When you call Matthews for your next bookmobile we will ask questions about your operating area, the number of volumes you will shelve, the licensing of your driver and more. The experienced Matthews team will educate you in bookmobiles, offer you options and features that make sense for your library. If your library doesn’t staff a CDL driver, we will show you platforms that do not require a CDL driver. If your library will service steep mountainous roads, we will show you platforms with heavy-duty engines that can handle tougher driving conditions. At Matthews, we don’t just want to sell you a bookmobile. We want your mobile library to fit seamlessly into your operation. We are your partner in mobile outreach. Call us today and let’s build your next bookmobile together!


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