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Matthews Specialty Vehicles Government Group Contract

GSA Schedule 23V

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Contract #GS-30F-0026U

Welcome to Matthews Specialty Vehicles, Inc.’s Government Group

Matthews Specialty Vehicles, Inc. (MSV) has been the nation’s premiere specialty vehicle manufacturer since 1992.  MSV custom builds vehicles for the government as related to Law Enforcement,  Homeland Security and Healthcare (Bloodmobiles, Medical and Dental).

With training and experience in public safety and security technology, WMD and decontamination response, mass shooting and other critical incident training, we greatly benefit our customers by better understanding their requirements.  All of our vehicles are custom designed to customer specifications, implementing technology that communicates with their existing infrastructure and meeting the demands of their agency.  Our staff includes a former local police officer, with experience on a federal disaster response team.

MSV has designed and built custom units for government agencies across the world, and continues to provide the largest chassis offering of any other company in the industry.  Our product line of specialty vehicles includes:

Law Enforcement and Homeland Security Products

  Disaster Response Units
Bomb Response Units
Mobile Command Centers
SWAT / Hostage Negotiation
Public  Safety Education
Public Safety Vehicles

Healthcare Products

Mobile Healthcare
Mobile Dental Clinics
Mobile Eye Clinic
Mobile Health Screening
Mobile Mammography

Our specialty vehicles are built from the chassis up and the MSV 102-inch wide heavy-duty, custom-built bodies – only available on MSV units; slide-outs are available on our 102-inch wide units.

Our retrofit and refurbishing program gives our customers even more options.  MSV can refurbish an older vehicle and restore it to like-new, or we can take a vehicle that was used for one purpose and retrofit it to meet your program’s needs.  MSV offers options to accommodate convenience and comfort.

With the available options approved on MSV’s GSA Schedule Contract, you can completely customize a unit to fit the specific requirements of your agency.  Our in-house customer service and full warranty departments would be glad to help you!

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