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Save time, save money, save the cost of a CDL driver! No special endorsements are required to drive this vehicle. Provide care and drive there yourself!

Introducing Matthews Specialty Vehicles  No CDL Coach Style Mobile Medical vehicle. The Matthews Specialty Vehicles engineering development team was tasked with designing, engineering and building a new Mobile Healthcare Vehicle – under 26,001 GVWR. The new mobile medical unit was required to be durable, practicable, heavy-duty and worthy of the Matthews brand. We are proud to report that our team was up to the challenge! Proudly we introduce our new coach!

This custom coach is light on the road, but still packs a big punch for your Mobile Outreach program! Every inch has been designed for best use of space. This layout includes 2 examination rooms or one medical and one dental exam room ( you choose), a private in-take (or reception area), under body wheelchair lift (for ADA compliance) and a private lavatory with pass thru specimen door.