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Thank you for all your years of service!


The Matthews companies continues to grow. This year we will celebrate 50 years since Matthews Buses began in upstate New York, while Matthews Specialty Vehicles will celebrate 25 years in custom conversion services! All these years of success come from the hard work and dedication of each and everyone one of our employees.

Across all of the Matthews companies, there is collaboration and team work. The closest relationships are between Matthews Specialty Vehicles and Matthews Mobile Media. Our teams work closely together and even work in the same building, for some of us we even share the same work spaces!

We would like to recognize the anniversaries of employees at Matthews Specialty Vehicles and Matthews Mobile Media, from January 2016 to May 2016.

January 2016
Erica Osborn – Graphic Designer 5 Years
Jennifer Kalbaugh – Project Coordinator 2 Years
Joseph Stanley – Electrician 2 Years

February 2016
Dennis Hoag – Sales Director 24 Years
Tami Kane – Business Development Manager, Mobile Medical Products 7 Years

March 2016
Gregory Evans – CNC Operator 4 Years
Warren Goodermote – Welder 2 Years
Thanh Nguyen – Shop Assistant 1 Year
Rene Rodriguez – Carpenter 1 Year
Jeremy Brotherton – Welder 1 Year

April 2016
James Rhodes – Graphic Designer 1 Year
John Stevens – Production Supervisor 1 Year
David Paredes – Carpenter 1 Year

May 2016
Donnie Wilson – Carpenter 10 Years
Stephanie Holder – Purchasing Clerk 3 Years
Brian Walthall – Carpenter 2 Years
Jeremy Miller – Shop Assistant 2 Years
James Holt – Electrician 2 Years
Junior Milam – Shop Assistant 1  Year
Javier Tavera – Electrician 1 Year
Ronald Key – Electrician 1 Year

Thank you for all your hard work and dedication! We appreciate you!

– Team Matthews


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