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Trends in Mobile Command…

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Trends in Mobile Command and Specialty Vehicles

Written by Kathy Marks

Mobile command and other specialty vehicles are changing with emerging technology and manufacturers are meeting customers’ needs for high-tech products and the latest innovations in storage and security. Industry leaders are making sure that their vehicles meet high-tech needs and provide customers with information about trends in the field.

Matthews Specialty Vehicles  


Matthews Specialty Vehicles specializes in the design and manufacture of purpose-built vehicles used in public safety, mobile healthcare, mobile blood collection services, and other services.   Matthews’ vehicles are built to customers’ specifications to ensure a seamless fit with their operations. These vehicles can be found serving private sector organizations, law enforcement agencies, governments and military organizations across the country and even around the world.

Dennis Hoag, Sales Director stated, “One of the first steps in our process is to get to know our customer, their needs, and their envisioned use of their specialty vehicle. We ask questions and take notes, guiding them through the process of the design, build and delivery of their new vehicle. Our in-house team of designers and engineers then work to make our customer’s vision a reality.”

Hoag recommends that customers designing a new public safety vehicle take a forward look at technology and plan for retrofitting technology during the life of the vehicle. “As voice and data communication system technology is changing, public safety organizations must stay abreast of the newest technological advances. Having the wiring for new technology installed during the build makes retrofit installation more cost effective and we recommend communication redundancy by including a cell and landline, satellite communication and radio communication, because service may be disrupted during critical incident response.” They also suggest dedicating part of a command vehicle to privacy for commanders for space for confidential meetings, private calls, or reviewing sensitive information.

Kathy Marks has been a child abuse investigator for more than 30 years. She teaches classes regarding domestic terrorism and is a previous contributor to LAW and ORDER. She can be reached at kathymarks53@aol.com.


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