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Matthews Coach

There’s nothing like having the right tool for the job.

That’s the idea behind Matthew Specialty Vehicle’s Loan or Leasing Program. It’s the best way to keep your Bloodmobiles on schedule; having the right company to help when your vehicles are being refurbished or in the shop for extended repairs. MSV has the ability to provide you with a Loaner/Leasing unit that will fit your specific needs. Loaner Unit: Units that can be provided during the refurbishment of 3 or more bloodmobiles. Leasing Unit: Units that can be supplied on the basis of purchasing or replacing on a 3 or 4 year replacement option. MSV is committed to working with you in the Bloodmobile Industry and wants to be a partner in all your long range goals.

Bloodmobile LEASING:

1.    Bloodmobile leasing enables companies to obtain equipment today, rather than waiting as prices continue to increase.

2.  Bloodmobile Leasing programs assist companies in maintaining their cash flow.

3.  Bloodmobile Lease programs in some cases create an infusion of cash with the ability to maintain mobile blood draw operations.

4.  Bloodmobile Leasing programs provide the benefits of ownership without major cash outlays, debt restrictions, or asset management responsibilities.

5.  Bloodmobile Leasing equipment payments allow the equipment to pay for itself from the future revenue it generates.

6.  Bloodmobile Lease purchase programs are allowable costs (whereas interest is not) under certain government contracts.

7.  Bloodmobile Leasing programs provide for long term, fixed rate financing which makes managing operating budgets easier as they insulate companies and municipalities from variable interest rates.

8.   Bloodmobile Leasing programs and vehicles can in some casesprovide 100% tax deductibility of payments in operating lease cases, while also eliminating confusing accounting issues involving depreciation.

9.   Bloodmobile Leasing programs make it possible to account for equipment costs to specific projects or profit centers without time consuming depreciation and financing cost allocations.

10. Bloodmobile Leasing programs are negotiable and flexible, per the amounts paid down, rates, and other terms.

11. Bloodmobile Lease programs relating to technologies, notably computer technologies, help to prevent a company from being anchored down with aged fleet and antiquated technologies.