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At Matthews Specialty Vehicles we stem from a legacy of greatness. Our brand was built upon a keen focus on durability, reliability, and safety. It is only natural we take great pride in building quality mobile medical ambulances for a variety of applications. We have experience building everything from bloodmobiles, mobile office vehicles and much more.

Our ambulance buses can be used for a variety of purposes like mass casualty incident response, disaster response, hospital evacuation and much more. Additionally, our medical buses can be used to prevent health crisis during marathons and other public events. Our medical buses are an integral part when it comes to handling any mass casualty or evacuation event. In addition, they can be easily customized to suit any specific need your organization might have.

We can customize our medical ambulance buses to include custom cabinetry, glove dispensers, sharps disposal, exam tools, and first aid kits. Additionally, our vehicles can be customized to include a Freightliner Front Engine chassis, Cummins 6.7 340 Engine and much more.

Our team can easily accommodate any number of specialized features or needs. Our design options are only limited by your imagination. Mobile medical buses offer versatility, room, and efficiency above all else. Let our team custom manufacture your mobile ambulance bus.