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Incident Command Vehicle

With the ability to make easy home visits, mobile physical therapy clinics are tailored towards people who need attention on-site and cannot travel to a clinic.  Instead of going to and from a location, therapists will appreciate the convenience of a large-capacity equipment truck that can easily be moved to the location of their patient’s therapy.

Mobile physical therapy trucks and vans can be customized to specialize in many types of treatments such as neck and back pain, sports injuries, and physical therapy for people who have suffered from strokes or back injuries.

Making the rounds also includes the ability to provide treatment sessions at various locations including pools, fitness trails, and parks. As a mobile physical therapist, not only can you bring mobile treatment to your patient’s homes and workplaces, but you can also showcase your practice at health fairs, events, and races. Private companies and schools can also benefit from on-site injury prevention classes and physical therapy.

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