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Incident Command Vehicle

We here at Matthews Specialty Vehicles can trace our humble beginnings into the conversion business all the way back to 1992. Over time we have become known for our quality, craftsmanship, and reliability. We proudly craft a variety of mobile specialty vehicles that are ideal for the medical industry. Our team can custom build anything from mobile hospitals to public safety vehicles and everything in between. Our specialty vehicles are designed to meet your precise specifications and broaden your clinic’s effectiveness.

A mobile wellness clinic is a medical office on wheels. They are a critical component to any mobile outreach program. You can easily take the entire staff on the road. Whether its shuttling physicians, nurses or case managers there is ample room for everyone. Also, we have a variety of customizations and configurations to add functionality and services.

We have truck configurations with spaces of up to 12 – 18 feet long that offer ample room for your outreach needs. Or our mobile outreach bus configurations which are an integral part of any mobile program. By using telecommunications, our Mobile Telehealth Clinics can support long-distance health-related services no matter how large or small the operation.

Our team can accommodate any number of specialized features and our design options are limitless. Mobile telehealth vehicles offer both room and versatility.

Let Matthews Specialty Vehicles custom manufacture your Mobile Telehealth Clinic to meet any specification. From the ground up we will design and build your Mobile Telehealth Clinic.

We only produce top-quality Mobile Telehealth Clinics for Sale.

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