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Are you looking for a Specialty Trailer to take your business on the road? If so, take a look at Matthews Specialty Vehicles customizable specialty trailers. All of our trailers are custom designed by our clients in order to meet special needs they have. Whether you are looking for a small or large trailer, we can make it. Types of specialty trailers we’ve made for past clients include mobile pet units, healthcare units, command centers, classrooms and many others.

Specialty Trailer Uses

·         Broadcast

·         Education

·         Emergency Response

·         Mobile Office

·         Events

·         Government

·         Medical

·         Racing

·         Mobile Kitchens

·         And more..

Clients Served

·         News Stations

·         Fire Departments

·         Police Departments

·         Medical Businesses

·         Construction Companies

·         Caterers

·         Racing Teams

·         And others..

No matter if you are looking to buy a brand new specialty trailer or refurbish one you have, we can do it.  Contact us today to get all your questions answered and begin designing your own specialty trailer.