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Asheville MASS EVAC Test Run 3


For more than two decades, Matthews Specialty Vehicles has been custom building mobile units to the specific needs of our customers.

We manufacture a full line of public safety vehicles to fulfill the mobile needs of the law enforcement field. Matthews Specialty Vehicles specializes in custom building Fire Command Vehicles among other public safety units.

We understand that your organization is looking for a long-lasting solution for your fire and rescue needs. Matthews will custom build your Fire Command Vehicle from the ground up.

We offer a wide selection of chassis options. From truck style, bus style, coach style or even a fire command trailer, we have the body style you are looking for. Our manufacturing capabilities include skilled tradesmen with over 15 years’ experience in metal fabrication, woodworking, CNC work, upholstery, electrical and HVAC.

Here at Matthews, we start with a clear understanding of your organization’s needs. We’ll customize the interior of your Fire Command Vehicle using the latest in technology. We will deliver the functionality you require for your mission, no matter the scope. We work in full cooperation with the very best technology component partners and we are an experience integrator of leading edge communications and electronic software and hardware.

Call us today to begin custom building your mobile command vehicle!