Hostage Negotiation Vehicle


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Here at Matthews Specialty Vehicles, we build custom manufactured hostage negotiation vehicles. When your team needs somewhere to work mobile we are your go to source. A hostage negotiation vehicle purposefully designed for your specific department’s needs is the answer. We have been a premier specialty vehicle manufacturer since 1992. As a global leader in the design and manufacture of purpose-built specialty vehicles for applications like public safety, mobile libraries, and mobile healthcare vehicles. Our vehicles can be found serving everything from private sector organizations to military organizations.

Our hostage negotiation vehicles come ready for field deployment and can be configured with communication’s equipment. Our custom SWAT vehicles and hostage negotiation vehicles fit your specific needs. Whether they are built on a cutaway, step-van or other chassis’. These vehicles not only transport critical personnel and equipment to the barricaded subject but also offers a work area.

Mast mounted CCTV, exterior light towers, and weapons storage are just a few configuration options.

Contact our team today to get started on your own custom Hostage Negotiation vehicle. Our product specialist can review your specifications or we can offer sample floor plans, pictures, and specifications.

Let Matthews Specialty Vehicles custom build your next Hostage Negotiation Vehicle today!