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Over the years Matthews Specialty Vehicles have become the premier specialty vehicle manufacturer of choice. Our experience in the design and build of custom homeland security vehicles is second-to-none. Our purpose-built vehicles can be found serving Government entities across the United States and even around the world! We proudly offer the most diverse selection of chassis platforms for your next homeland security vehicle. Choose from Thomas Built to Freightliner, to Ford and much more.

Whether your next specialty vehicle will serve as a mobile command center, EOD unit, swat vehicle or a mobile homeland security vehicle we have you covered. All of our units can be customized to your specific needs. We encourage you to tour our facility to see any of our unit’s currently in production and discuss your needs with one of our product specialists.

At Matthews Specialty Vehicles, we have set the standard when it comes to mobile homeland security vehicles. Whether you are looking for a new specialty vehicle or need to add to an existing fleet we can help. Let one of our product specialist help get you started today with building a new homeland security vehicle.