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Mobile Crime Lab


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Mobile Crime Lab Interior

Matthews Specialty Vehicles stems from a legacy of greatness! We got our start in the custom conversion business in 1992. We worked hard as a team to establish a reputation for top quality, craftsmanship, and reliability.

Our mobile crime scene labs are ideal for emergency management, law enforcement, and fire departments. Our custom-built specialty vehicles are tools for these agencies to aid in public protection from crime and danger.

Our custom manufactured crime scene vans enable technicians to conduct extensive evidence collection and processing. Whether you are investigating homicide scenes, meth lab sites or arson sites we can customize the ideal mobile lab to get the job done. Our mobile crime labs can be manufactured to handle chemical analysis, include special hoods for fume disposal, and isolated boxes for hazardous material analysis and supplies for crime-scene investigation.

Our team will custom build mobile crime labs that will speed up forensic investigations. With fully equipped mobile labs, you can easily collect and process evidence at the scene of a crime. A mobile forensic laboratory can serve many functions including. Such as collecting fingerprints, measuring a projectile’s trajectory or analyzing DNA. Investigators are able to work for several days on location with powerful generators that can be included in the custom build. We can build a crime response lab based on your purpose and with the latest forensic gear. These mobile crime labs for sale can be modified based on your requirements and specifications.

Contact us and let us build your Mobile Crime Lab today.