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Crisis can happen at any time or place. First respondents are presented with a number of possible dilemmas, any of which can require a cool head and the expertise necessary to defuse the situation. Regardless of the nature of the crisis, the psychiatric professionals, counselors and trauma staff sent to the scene must have the tools they need to do their job right.

The goal is to effectively assist those most in danger, stabilizing the situation and interceding when necessary. Your organization needs a dependable mobile crisis unit. A vehicle equipped with the facilities for critical care – one that can transport your staff from one crisis location to another on a moment’s notice. To that end, you are sure to find the mobile unit you’re looking from among Matthews Specialty Vehicle’s mobile crisis vehicles for sale.

We handle every custom vehicle request in the same way you address the crisis cases before you. Everyone’s needs are unique and we go to extraordinary means to understand your precise requirements of a new mobile crisis vehicle. We’ll custom build a new vehicle for your organization or refurbish your existing one, modifying the chassis and using all-aluminum construction to ensure that your vehicle can withstand the harsh conditions that come with rural roads or regions where severe weather can be the norm.

We can equip your mobile counseling vehicle with custom cabinets, clinical assessment rooms, an education video station and the latest technological upgrades. With the help of the Matthews Specialty design team, the possibilities are endless.

Matthews Specialty Vehicles can help determine the platform that is optimal for your uses and build your vehicle around almost any chassis. Among our mobile crisis vehicles for sale, you’ll find models that have been modified from Thomas Built, Freightliner, and Ford chassis just to name a few. Our top notch vehicle graphics team ensures that your vehicle is not only an effective service delivery tool, we wrap your mobile crisis vehicle in bold, colorful graphics. This guarantees that your vehicle will look professional, catching the eye of those nearby.

Before looking for mobile crisis vehicles for sale in a newspaper or professional trade magazine, call Matthews Vehicle to discuss your organization’s unique needs and requirements. It may be possible to custom build a vehicle for you or to retrofit your existing vehicle to accommodate new technologies and update your mobile care facilities. We take great pride in our superior customer service and look forward to having the opportunity to work with you to reach your end goal – getting the most vehicle at minimal cost.