Mobile Drug Testing Vehicles


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Batmobile Truck Exterior

DWI Enforcement
A mobile alcohol testing vehicle (often referred to as a BAT Mobile) provides law enforcement agencies and officers with technical and equipment support for use at sobriety checkpoints. In addition to deployment as these sobriety checkpoints, mobile drug testing units serve as an excellent public relations vehicle, helping to raise awareness within the community. They are a pivotal tool in law enforcement’s ongoing attempt to deter drunk drivers and reduce alcohol-related traffic fatalities.

If your agency or department is in search of the optimal mobile drug testing vehicle for your needs and budget, consider designing yours with Matthews Specialty Vehicles. Our design and engineering team includes former law enforcement professionals who understand your requirements. We have the know-how to equip your vehicle with every necessary peripheral feature including cameras for both internal and external surveillance, floodlights and a dark room for DRE eye evaluations. The vehicle layout can accommodate a booking desk, mug-shot board and holding cells – and we’ll take care of your vehicle from design to the finished product so you won’t have to deal with anyone else at any point in the process. No part of the building of your vehicle is subcontracted, assuring you optimal control over the process.

Matthews Specialty Vehicles can create your mobile drug testing vehicle to your exact specifications including any necessary diagnostic equipment to accurately implement any or all of the three standardized field sobriety tests.

We make you part of the design process, listening carefully to your needs and requirements before we begin designing your unique Matthews vehicle. Our engineers have extensive experience in the design of BAT mobiles so you can be assured that the end result will be to your satisfaction, built with the latest and greatest technological upgrades.

Those with limited resources may wish to consider Matthews Specialty Vehicles’ Retrofit program. By reconditioning internal systems and updating onboard technology to meet today’s standards, we’ll bring your older vehicle back to life.

With the ability and expertise to work with more chassis and platforms than anyone in the business, we can take your obsolete vehicle and make it like new again. We can also re-purpose vehicles that may have outlived another purpose, retrofitting it for service as a BATmobile while modernizing the vehicle and replacing old equipment with state of the art technology.

Regardless of your exact specifications, Matthews Specialty Vehicles can custom design a solution for you. Our retrofitting program makes it easy for us to work with almost any budget while delivering the mobile drug testing vehicle you need and want. Contact us today at 877.209.5225 and let a Matthews Specialty Vehicles representative help place you in a vehicle you probably could not have imagined.