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Swat Truck
Disaster Trailer
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Our team here at Matthews Specialty Vehicles, have been building custom SWAT vehicles, mobile bloodmobiles, and mobile medical clinics since 1992. As you can imagine we have accumulated a deep expertise from building SWAT vehicles, disaster response vehicles and much more.

A SWAT truck is critical to assisting during times of emergency response. Our SWAT vehicles are designed and built with the flexibility to respond efficiently to any situation that may arise.

Our SWAT vehicle options include but are not limited to:

  • Weapons Storage
  • Explosive Breaching
  • Personnel Seating
  • Environmental Control
  • Communication & Surveillance
  • T.O.C (Tactical Operations Command)

Whether you need a small, maneuverable vehicle, or a larger, sophisticated cab chassis for 20 tactical personnel we have you covered. Our units are customizable to match your organization’s application needs. In the field, our multiplexing system reduces deployment and set-up time. One button activates all operating systems and power management systems. The simple approach to this type of system reduces training requirements and could eliminate the risk of engagement components out of sequence.

If it’s got to be tough, make it Matthews. Contact us today to start custom building your SWAT vehicle today!