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Shuttle Vans
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Ford Transit: Commuter, Hotel and Paratransit Shuttle

Matthews Specialty Vehicles is proud to be a premier specialty vehicle manufacturer. Since the early 90’s we have manufactured everything from Mobile Dental Clinics to custom Fire Command Vehicles. We are excited to announce the introduction of our new line. The Mercedes-Benz shuttle vans!

Not only are these transit vans spacious and able to transport up to 19 passengers but they do it in style. The shuttle van makes any trip no matter how short it truly feels like a first class ride. This shuttle van comes with considerable 38-inch outward opening doors and low steps. This allows for quick and effortless loading.

The Mercedes transit van’s seating can easily be customized for hotels, airport shuttles and so much more. The Mercedes shuttle van is built to help grow your business. The Mercedes transit van has created a blueprint for hardworking commercial vans.

Contact us today to get more information on our shuttle vans or begin customizing your very own.