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Thomas C2

Thomas C2 Bus

Price: $174,999
Vehicle Make: Thomas Built Buses
Vehicle Model: C2
Color: White
Passenger Capacity: 36 + Driver
Vehicle VIN: 4UZABRFC7KCKF2552

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Matthews Specialty Vehicles occasionally offers stock units for sale. These include blood donation centerslaw enforcement vehicles, and even custom coaches. Each of these used units can be modified to meet your specifications with a fast turn around time. There are also stock chassis’ and shells available for immediate conversion. Check out our available units listed on the right. Whatever your need, we can make it happen! Check back often to see our current list of stock units for sale. These units go FAST!

Key Vehicle Highlights:


  • Seating: 36 + Driver

    • 36 Fixed Freedman Seats + Driver

  • 6 Flip Down Monitors - Video/DVD System

  • 120,000 BTU ACT A/C System

  • Altro Manor Oak Flooring

  • Interior Overhead Parcel Racks

    • Includes Soft Blue LED Lights

  • Aisle LED Lighting

  • Rear Luggage Compartment

  • Rear Lavatory