Mobile Event Marketing Vehicles


At Matthews Specialty Vehicles, we believe that mobile marketing vehicles are among the most innovative ways to increase brand awareness. It is easier than ever to reach new market segments through face-to-face and interactive displays. These custom mobile marketing vehicles can draw attention with creative color graphics, exterior audio systems, and digital display features. We can easily enhance your mobile marketing efforts with a mobile marketing vehicle tailored to feature your brand and message.

Matthews Specialty Vehicles manufactures and designs vehicles for corporate branding, cool product introductions, product promotions and mobile advertising functions. Our mobile marketing vehicles are built to boost large public events and become a focal point while promoting your message to its maximum potential.

Let us produce for you an invaluable marketing tool for your company. We are a manufacturer of specialty vehicles for mobile marketing that will create a custom platform for your road shows, tours, and/or product display tour. Targeting your audience, our mobile marketing vehicles can create an excitement that will bring a new level of success to your marketing efforts.

Our team will custom build mobile marketing vehicles that will help you accomplish your advertising objectives easily. From the ground up we will design and build your mobile marketing vehicle. Contact our team today to get started on your own specialty vehicle today. Our product specialists will work with you and review your specifications. Or, we can offer sample floor plans, pictures, and specifications.

Contact us today to get started!