Mobile Business Center

Topeka and Shawnee Kidmobile

At Matthews Specialty Vehicles we stem from a legacy of greatness. Our brand was built with a keen focus on durability, reliability, and safety. Therefore, we take great satisfaction in building quality mobile office vehicles. Our team has experience building everything from exceptional mobile mammography clinics to mobile FEMA command posts.

When your team needs to do business on the road, do it with Matthews Specialty Vehicles. From mobile sales offices and training centers to executive coaches and hospitality vehicles. We are capable of building custom conversions such as:

  • Mobile Conference Centers

  • Mobile Sales Centers

  • Mobile Training Facilities

  • Mobile Computing Labs

  • Event Promotion Vehicles

We design and build a wide range of mobile office vehicles and office trailers from luxury executive coaches to mobile conference centers. We allow you and your team to travel with ease and comfort outside of your stationary location. Whether your goal is to expand your service area or travel comfortably while working on the road our mobile office vehicles will improve your overall business and service.

We have the ability to customize all of our vehicles to your specifications. We work together with you to design the perfect model to suit your needs. When it comes to specialty vehicles, we set the standard in specialty vehicles. Whether you are looking to upgrade a fleet or add an existing vehicle remember to choose Matthews Specialty Vehicles.

Miami Dade Mobile Classroom

Topeka and Shawnee Kidmobile

OTCC Medical Education Coach

Mobile Training Center

SCSU Classroom Winnebago