Incident Command Post

police headquarters bus

Matthews Specialty Vehicles has been custom building public safety vehicles for more than two decades.

All of our law enforcement vehicles, including Incident Command Posts, are available with an emphasis on chassis variety. Custom build your command post with body styles ranging from Ford E-450s to Sprinter Vans. In addition, we have a wide range of configuration options, from our Tactical Support Unit to our 13-to-35-foot combo units. Your custom vehicle can also include discreet, undetectable Executive armored protection. Our wide range of custom Incident Command Posts will meet your agency’s needs.

As technology advances, we stay focused on integration, interoperability and seamlessness between your mobile and stationary environment. Matthews works hard to better understand your needs and provide your agency with a turn-key customized mobile solution with meets the highest levels of satisfaction.

Let us help you build a long last solution to your agency’s needs, contact us today!