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MSV Custom Coach

Bus-Style Mass Evacuation Vehicle


As the go-to source for highly specialized rapid response vehicles, Matthews Specialty Vehicles will make sure your organization is equipped to manage even the largest disasters. The specially designed Mass Evacuation Unit is an ambulance bus optimally built for rapid response to mass casualty situations.

When the job requires you to always be ready to respond to any emergency, big or small, you need partners you can depend on in the toughest situations. That’s why municipalities, hospitals, law enforcement agencies and other first responder organizations trust Matthews Specialty Vehicles to custom design, build and deliver their rapid response vehicles.

Our team takes pride in understanding the unique needs of every single one of our customers. We apply those insights into our design and production processes to ensure that your mobile ambulance bus is best equipped to accomplish all of your emergency response objectives.

We’ll work to accommodate any special design requirements. To learn more about the standard features, upgrades and customization options for any medical ambulance bus for sale at MSV, get in touch with our team today.

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