Upgrade Your Emergency Response Capabilities with SWAT, Rapid Deployment Vehicles from MSV

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Matthews Specialty Vehicles stands ready to help your community respond to unexpected threats by designing, building and delivering a SWAT personnel vehicle customized to your specific needs.

When citizens' lives hang in the balance and more than a police car is needed, rapid deployment of emergency personnel is critical to ensuring a swift resolution to existing threats. That makes the SWAT truck, Van, or SUV an important and valuable component of effective emergency planning and response. This type of vehicle is best equipped for mobilizing law enforcement resources and placing them in the best possible position to respond to threats quickly and efficiently, helping to prevent disaster and minimize catastrophe.

Today, every community must plan for a worst-case emergency scenario that requires intervention by an armed team of law enforcement officers with specialized police vehicles. A SWAT truck or armored vehicle is an absolute necessity to ensure that tactical operations via a command center are applied in the field when and where they are needed.

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SWAT Trucks: Custom Built for Rapid Deployment & Tactical Operations

At Matthews Specialty Vehicles, our rapid deployment SWAT vehicles are designed and built with the flexibility to respond to any situation that may arise. We've been building custom specialty vehicles since 1992. In that time, our team has accumulated a wide range of expertise creating all types of specialized response vehicles, including bomb/OED (explosive ordnance disposal) trucks, SWAT trucks or SUVs, and other public safety, personnel carrier, and rapid deployment vehicles.

Our design and manufacturing process ensures that your vehicle is built to meet the unique needs of your police department and community. We start by gaining a complete understanding of the intended use and purpose of your SWAT vehicle. Only after your vehicle needs are explicitly defined do we initiate production. The end result is a product tailor-made to handle the operational goals of your law enforcement department.

Your SWAT vehicle can be equipped with numerous specialized options and specifications depending on swat team need, including, but not limited, to the following:

  • Weapons Storage
  • Explosive Breaching
  • Personnel Seating
  • Environmental Control
  • Communication & Surveillance
  • O.C (Tactical Operations / Mobile Command)


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