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Frequently, budget constraints make community outreach possible only through use of a mobile facility. We’ve built over 500 specialty vehicles and customized many more, each one designed to meet the exact needs and specifications of our customer.

In order to better facilitate the outreach efforts of educators, counselors, and psychologists, mobile counseling centers make it possible to reach those most in need of assistance. Tending to the needs of an at-risk population can be difficult under any circumstances, particularly when one considers the underfunded programs and overworked staff that have become commonplace.

Having a dependable mobile counseling vehicle can alleviate a considerable amount of stress and enable staff to concentrate on the things that matter most. Best of all, a new or reconditioned vehicle can breed confidence in both your staff and the people you serve.

Contact Matthews Specialty Vehicles today to speak with one of our experts and find out how we can save your organization money while custom building the specialty vehicle that will revolutionize the way you serve your patients.

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