Custom-Built Mobile Eye Clinic: Improving Vision

eye clinic vehicle exterior

With a custom-built, mobile optometry clinic, you can extend your outreach to where your patients live or work. Or, you can expand your patient roster by providing service to under-served populations. At Matthews Specialty Vehicles, we stand ready to build a mobile eye clinic tailored specifically to your needs and patient treatment model.  

Of all the senses, vision is the one we rely on the most to navigate the world around us. Good eyesight is so important that we're not allowed to get behind the wheel of a car without first passing a vision test. 

So, if it's so important, why is it that eye care is often treated as a second-class medical concern? Eye care often isn't included as part of your regular health care plan – you must sign up for it separately. It's no wonder then, that millions of people assign too little importance to their eye health and forgo their annual eye exams. 

To counter this short-sighted behavior, many eye clinics have gone on the road to deliver care to patients who wouldn't otherwise see an eye doctor. If your practice wants to reach more patients, a mobile eye clinic is the perfect way to go. 

Get in touch with the Matthews Specialty Vehicles team to learn more about custom-built mobile eye clinics.  

Mobile Eye Care: Design Your Custom Mobile Eye Clinic

At Matthews Specialty Vehicles, we will tailor your mobile eye clinic to fit your precise model of care. Our team can create a custom design based on your stated priorities or recommend a layout with an established history of success.

Your mobile optometry unit can be built upon a number of different chassis types, truck, van or bus. No matter which vehicle type you choose, we'll make sure there is a designated area for an ophthalmology examination room, a screening room and all the standard and specialized equipment you will need. 

Start planning your mobile eye clinic by jotting down a list of essential equipment that should be included in the design. 

Let's Get Started on Your Mobile Eye Clinic

We’ve been creating specialty vehicles for the health care industry since 1992. For over 30 years, we have built a reputation for quality, craftsmanship and reliability. Our team of specialty vehicle experts is ready to help put your ophthalmology or optometry practice on the road. 

Let our team custom build your mobile eye clinic! Contact us today to get started.

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