Public Safety Vehicles

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At Matthews Specialty Vehicles we stem from a legacy of greatness. Over the years our brand has been built from a keen focus on durability, reliability, and safety. We are second to none when it comes to crafting custom public safety vehicles.

We are the preeminent source when it comes to building specialty vehicles that can be found throughout a variety of industries like law enforcement agencies, rescue squads and fire command vehicles for fire departments. Our purpose built vehicles are tools for these organizations to aid in crime prevention and public protection from crime, danger, injury or property damage. Whether your department needs a full-size mobile command center or a street savvy and versatile Sprinter style CSI van we have you covered.

You can rely on our product specialist teams to assist you with the process of choosing the right platform. We can also assist you with selecting options and upgrades to help customize your new public safety vehicle. Let’s get started on your new public safety vehicle. Our product specialist can review your specifications or we offer sample floor plans, pictures, and specifications for all vehicles manufactured by Matthews.

Call Matthews Specialty Vehicles today to speak with a product specialist or plan a visit to Matthews in Greensboro, NC to tour our manufacturing facility and view any models currently in production.

Command Center

Crime Scene Investigation

Prison Transport Vehicle

Mass Evacuation Unit