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By designing and manufacturing custom-built DUI-BAT checkpoint vehicles, Matthews Specialty Vehicles is proud to be part of life-saving, community protection efforts. If your community is in need of DUI-BAT processing vehicles, checkpoint vehicles, or command vehicles, our accomplished team is ready to assist you with your custom design needs.

Keeping roads safe and clear of hazards is an important responsibility that falls on every local and state government. However, this crucial work encompasses more than just ensuring potholes are filled and road lines are visible.

Drivers operating their vehicles under the influence of alcohol or drugs present one of the greatest threats to commuters everywhere. In order to keep dangerous, incapacitated drivers off our roadways, law enforcement agencies rely on DUI-BAT checkpoints. These programs are some of the most effective means of deterrence and enforcement of driving while intoxicated (DWI) ordinances. 

You Pick, We Customize Your DUI Checkpoint Vehicles

Matthews Specialty Vehicles is experienced in designing, customizing and building DUI-BAT vehicles per your exact specifications. We've custom-built checkpoint vehicles, processing vehicles, and command vehicles for numerous state and local government entities. We are ready to leverage our know-how to help you meet your highway and roadway safety goals.

Your DUI-BAT vehicle can be designed for various specialized purposes and equipped with any number of custom options. Some commonly installed options include:

  • holding cells
  • magistrate’s office
  • DRE (drug recognition expert) testing area
  • booking area
  • weapons storage

The DUI-BAT checkpoint vehicle segment of our business has been one of the fastest growing and most rewarding. The Matthews Specialty Vehicles team is honored to be a part of these public safety initiatives that will ultimately save lives.

Experienced Supplier of DUI-BAT Processing Vehicles

We are accustomed to working with a multitude of state and local government partners to help establish, maintain, or expand their highway safety initiatives. In recent years, we've supplied DUI-BAT checkpoint vehicles to law enforcement agencies in North Carolina, Alabama, Mississippi, Massachusetts and several other states.

Throughout these projects, we've demonstrated the exceptional skills necessary to design and build some of the best DUI-BAT checkpoint vehicles on the market. We are ready to help outfit your agency with the vehicles you need to keep your roads and highways safe.

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