Prisoner Transport Vehicles


Roughly 40% of prisoner escapes occur during transport. That’s a telling statistic and one that accentuates the importance a sound prison transport vehicle. When you’re looking for an experienced prisoner transport vehicle manufacturer, consider the expert team at Matthews Specialty Vehicles.

MSV can easily convert buses, cargo vans and passenger vans into effective prisoner transport vehicles while ensuring office and passenger safety. You’ll have peace of mind knowing you have the best and safest prisoner transport vehicles possible.

A potentially dangerous endeavor, transporting a prisoner requires a vehicle specifically equipped for the task. Attention to detail is imperative as each vehicle must have interior dividers as well as a place to securely store firearms and restraints.

And those are just a few of the considerations that must be accounted for when building a prisoner transport vehicle. We’ll review your specifications, or we offer sample floor plans, pictures, and specifications for all vehicles manufactured by Matthews.

We’ll help you choose the right platform, select options and upgrades to support a safe transport and work with you to ensure that we create the prisoner transport bus or van that meets your every need and requirement.

Bus-Style Prisoner Transport

Van Prisoner Transport

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